Saturday, March 27, 2010

"she found the sun beam."

iced coffee calm, on a cool morning
sipping springs
the snow of tree blossoms out the south facing window
buses popping up around every corner, spring flowers
silly songs stuck in my head

Monday, March 15, 2010

apple a day.

wake up slow.
hot shower. hot coffee.
a breath of sweet spring air.
blue skies smiling at me. . .
crisp apple in hand.
breeze onto the bus.
hollywood transit center,
transfer to max lines. . .
grey bellied birds fly along side,
good day for sky surfing.
yellow flags whip,
wave hello.
cascades station doors to my left...
hop onto the sidewalk
and cut cross the field,
happy to take a short cut.
grey bellied beast overhead, airliners.
hopeful passengers in tow,
awaiting feet on the ground.
head still in the clouds.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

once upon a vision quest

for the record, this blog is totally a reference to BE HERE NOW by Baba Ram Dass (formerly know as Richard Alpert, PhD)...
a old favorite of mine, and most definitely a holy text.

In context:
"Example: somebody looks at you seductively... an ice cream cone goes by............ will it ever be THE BIG ICE CREAM CONE IN THE SKY? Will it ever be an ETERNAL ICE CREAM CONE? or .... is it always going to melt? you gotta keep eating it yet it melts & melts, that's its problem, you gotta keep eating it cuz it will melt......... and then it's gone & you know the taste in your mouth when you finish &.... you want a glass of water? right?... then you have the glass of water & there's that bloaty feeling?... THEN, you're ready for the next one... then you get rid of that one.........
Let's take a walk.... & you take a walk..... It's cold out. Let's have some hot chocolate. yes, let's have some, & on & on & on & its called
You see: the opposite to craving is saying Baby, this is the way it is. yeah. ok. Here & Now. this is it.
-Be Here Now, pg. 37

so that's it....
no more melty ice cream...
except on the internet. ;)

<3 <3 <3

to new beginings.
begining NOW.